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Replication tools specifications:

   Roller embossing shims
   Hot embossing stamps
   Injection mold inserts
   Flyer: Replication tools for micro-optics
   Flyer: Replication tools for micro-fluidics

Nickel components specifications:

   High definition Nozzle plates
   High definition Watch components
   Microstructured Endoscopic components
   High definition Stencil masks
   Flyer: High definition Watch components

Scientific articles and contributions:

   Low-cost HARMS process
R.Bischofberger, H.Zimmermann, G.Staufert

   Inductive proximity sensor/Low-cost inductive proximity sensor
P.Kejik, Ch.Kluser, R.Bischofberger, R.Popovic
   Concentration of information
A.D'Amore, M.Gabriel, H.Schift, W.Haese

   Gravimetric and profilometric measurments of ablation rates of photoresist
Th.Dumont, R.Bischofberger, T.Lippert, A.Wokaun

   Advanced foil activation techniques/Advanced foil activation techniques for measurement of within-pin distribution of Cu(63) reaction rate in nuclear fuel
K.Macku, F.Jatuff, M.Murphy, O.Joneja, R.Bischofberger, R.Chawla

   HAR Microfluidic Polymer Chip for Algae
V.Singh, R.Bischofberger, J.Goettert, Ch.Lane, Q.Nguyen, HARMST2011

   Nickelstempel für die Low-Cost Replikation
R.Bischofberger, Mikroproduktion 05/2012

   High-quality replication of 3D-nanostructures with vario-therm injection compression molding
Ch.Rytka, PRN2014 Kopenhagen

   Field Emission Beam Characteristics of a Double Gate Single Nanoemitter
Chiwon Lee, Pratyush Das Kanungo, Vitaliy Guzenko, Patrick Helfenstein, Soichiro Tsujno, Int. Vaccum Nanoelectronics Conference IVNC 2014

   Plasmon-assisted double-gate field emitter array
Anna Mustonen, Youngjin Oh, Patrick Helfenstein, Soichiro Tsujno, Int. Vaccum Nanoelectronics Conference IVNC 2014

   Pulsed field emission imaging of double-gate metal nano-tip arrays
Pratyush Das Kanungo, Patrick Helfenstein, Vitaliy Guzenko, Chiwon Lee, Soichiro Tsujno, Int. Vaccum Nanoelectronics Conference IVNC 2014

   Sub-nanosecond electrical gating for metal field emitter arrays
Martin Paraliev, Soichiro Tsujno, Christopher Gough, Sladana Dordevic, Int. Vaccum Nanoelectronics Conference IVNC 2014

   High-resolution, high-aspect ratio Ir-Ni-composite nanoimprint molds
Chang-Sheng Lee, Yeong-Yuh Lee, Karen S.L. Chong et al., Journal of Vaccum Science & Technology B


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