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High definition microstructured Nozzle plates.


microSWISS is taking manufacturing Nozzle plates to a new level of innovation.
Conventional patterning methods use overgrowing a resist pattern during electroforming or laser-drilling to achieve the orifices in the nozzle plate. The disadvantages are limitations in orifice-geometry, surface roughness (laser-induced build-up of corner burr) and orifice proximity.

Our nozzle plates are made using the very versatile UV-LiGA process which delivers extremely smooth surfaces and circularity ("roundness")on the orifices. The result is very uniform micro-droplet formation across the nozzle plate. This is a new manufacturing approach to take full use of the advantages of microtechnology.
These high-pattern definition plates are being used for a variety of droplet-generating systems such as inkjet-printing and injector-systems.

Material: EF-Nickel, fully-crosslinked Photo-Epoxy (SU-8)
Applications: Various spray- or droplet-generating systems


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Case study 1: From customer design to ready-to-use nozzle plates
Manufacturing a batch of nozzle-plates based on customer drawings and pattern designs:

1. Convert customer data into Maskdesign
2. Fabrication of maskset
3. Lithography on substrates =» resist-mold
4. Prepare the resist-master for Ni-electroforming
5. Removal of resist and release from wafer

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