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Microstructured Endoscopic components.


Our high-definition micropatterned endoscopic components are made using the very versatile UV-LiGA process with photoresist features defining an inverted shape of the final part-geometry. These microparts need to have vertical sidewalls in order to function mechanically.

Material: Nickel-Phos12 (580HV), stainless, optional PVD-coatings
Applications: Robust micromechanical parts for endoscopic use.


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Case study 1: From customer design to ready-to-use endo-tools
Manufacturing a batch of endo-tools based on customer drawings and pattern designs:

1. Convert customer data into Maskdesign
2. Fabrication of maskset
3. Lithography on substrates =» resist-mold
4. Prepare the resist-master for Ni-electroforming
5. Lapping excessive Nickel to final thickness and surface finishing (polishing)
6. Removal of resist
7. Optional coating with noble metal or wear-resistant coating

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