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PVD-coating service:

This high-vacuum evaporation service can be used separately or in combination with the pattering service.

We can offer e-gun evporation and thermal evaporation of single layer coatings or stacks of thin-film metals. A complete list of available materials can be found under "Specifications". Our service does not include reactive evaporation or metal-oxides.

We also take great precaution on particle contamination and are well equipped and trained to deliver high-quality coated wafers, glass-plates and other customer substrates. Loading and unloading takes place under FFU-ceiling.


List standard available materials:
Adhesion layers: Cr, Ti
Conductive metal: Ag, Al, Au, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pd, Pt
Wear-resistant coating: TiN
Dielectric material: SiO2

Acceptable substrate formats:
Round substrates: ø100, ø150, ø200mm
Square substrates: 4"x4", 5"x5", 6"x6", 7"x7"

Process flexibility:
Other materials, substrate formats on request.

Case study 1: Customer orders wafer with Ti-Ag-Ti
Manufacturing a batch of substrates with a 3-metal-stack:

1. applied microSWISS to order appropriate substrates
2. Inspection and preparation of substrates (cleaning)
3. Evaporation of test-batch and thickness adjustment
4. Evaporation of 3-metal-stack
5. Packaging processed wafers in container
6. Shipping with appropriate remarks for handling, care and storage

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